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Bucear en la nueva Reserva Marina de Menorca, Isla del Aire, con Salgar Diving

S´Algar, south-east coast of Menorca. Diving at its best in the new Marine Reserve Isla del Aire

S´Algar Diving sits inside the Marine Reserve Isla del Aire. Try Dives, PADI & TDI Courses, Scuba Diving, Snorkelling Trips and Boat Excursions – this is what we do best. Established in S´Algar just over 30 years ago, we offer a fantastic location on the south-east corner of Menorca, great facilities, equipment and boats and a fully trained team ready to make your scuba diving or snorkelling adventure in Menorca one to remember – for all the right reasons. Whether you are new to the sport, wishing to learn to dive or just want to enjoy some quality scuba diving, we´d love to be your choice.

Marine Reserve Isla del Aire Menorca

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Best Scuba Diving in Menorca | S’Algar Diving

The Marine Reserve Isla del Aire in the Southeast corner of Menorca has finally been declared. Over 30 years in the ´making¨, the area between S´Algar and Biniancolla, with the Isla del Aire in the middle of it, has been declared a

Marine Reserve in April 2019. We can’t wait to see the changes in fish population!

Menorca at its best

As you plan your next holiday, whether it be for the family, just the two of you or a group of friends, have a good look at Menorca. The sister of Mallorca and Ibiza has a lot to offer.

Situated in the middle of the Mederterainian if offers more than meets the eye. Amazing landscapes, on land and from the sea, food, lifestyle and of course Scuba Diving. The beautiful coastline offers itself for Boat Excursions and Snorkelling Adventures.

Scuba diving in the Marine Reserve

PADI eLearning with S’Algar Diving | Menorca

S’Algar Diving Menorca is a 5* PADI Dive Center and also linked with BSAC and TDI. We offer to Try Dives, a whole range of Diving Courses and more than 20 different dive sites for already certified divers.
Our Divecenter in S´Algar is perfectly situated. With schoolrooms, big training pool, bay and boats right in front.

As a diver, you are welcome to leave your own dive equipment at the centre during your time with us, no need to carry it to and from your hotel room. Or, if you prefer, you can make use of our rental equipment.

As a Scubapro SEA centre (Scubapro Education Association), we are engaged in a partnership with Scubapro to ensure high-quality standards are constantly met.

Are you pushed for time? | eLearning

If you wish to do a dive course, but don’t want to spend a whole day in a classroom while on your holiday, PADI has come up with several ways for you to maximise your free time. With the PADI eLearning option, you can work at home while connected to your internet, or download the Touch version to your iPad or tablet and study anywhere at any time.

Boat Excursions | Snorkelling Adventures in Menorca

Amazing Snorkeling Tours | S’Algar Diving Menorca

Menorca is surrounded by fantastic bays and beaches. Crystal clear water and warm water temperatures in the summer will make your Snorkelling or Boat Excursion special.

There are no age restrictions for these activities. They are open to the whole family. An amazing adventure to share and discover together.

If you are travelling with little ones and would like to have them well looked after while you are enjoying a couple of hours of ¨me time¨, have a look at the services offered by Nanny Menorca.

Marine Reserve | Isla del Aire Menorca

719,31 hectares of Marine Reserve around the Isla del Aire.

Marine Reserve Isla del Aire Menorca

The yellow part is the – special-scuba-diving-zone in the Marine Reserve Isla del Aire Menorca

The Government Council approved in April 2019 the Decree establishing the Marine Reserve of the Isla del Aire (Island of Wind).
With a total area of ​​719.31 hectares, it is the second marine reserve in Menorca and the eleventh in the Balearic Islands.

Coming up a year since the creation of the newest Marine Reserve in the Balearics. We can say that last season, some positive changes could be seen already. Most of all, in the behaviour of some species. The rays stayed longer in the area, deep into July. The Barracudas linger longer and even closer – if at all possible – to the divers. The groupers are growing.  And the Amberjacks are more active and in greater numbers.

We are very optimistic about this season and can´t wait to tell you more about it. Better still, come and see for yourself. For more information contact us or read our blog.