WOMAN´s DIVE DAY 20 July 2019

Woma´s Dive Day at S´Algar Diving Menorca

Pink, is not compulsory, but very welcome when you come to dive with us at S´Algar Diving Menorca, on the 20th of July 2019

Woman´s Dive Day 2019

Women’s Dive Day was born of a desire to celebrate the incredible women in scuba diving. To help close the unnecessary gender gap that still exists and encourage a more active female dive community.

Committed to fostering a global community that encourages divers of all genders, ages and experience levels. Encouraging to safely and confidently explore the underwater world, PADI launched the first Women’s Dive Day in 2015. Growing year over year, PADI Women’s Dive Day swelled to more than 1,000 events in 104 countries in 2018, further strengthening female participation in scuba diving worldwide.

Woman´s Dive Day in Salgar

Celebrate with us and join us, making this day special, not only for our female divers. Bring your family, and spend the day in S´Algar, be it diving, or enjoying a great meal at our favourite Restaurant in S´Algar, the Pirata.

Special offer for Try Divers

Our 2 hour Try Dive is a perfect way to introduce scuba diving to anybody. If you would like to have a go, just let us know, and we’ll reserve the space for you. No experience is necessary. However, these might be life changing couple of hours, and we can not be held responsible for anything that happens after 🙂

We will be conducting Try Dives in the morning, followed by a DSD boat dive in the afternoon.

Boat Dives for already certified divers

Get together on the boat and have a ladies dive! Exact time of boat departure, will be advised in due course.

Woman´s Dive Day Discounts

And yes, we will be offering Try Dives, DSD Boat Dives and in fact any dives on this day at a 20% discount.