Marine Reserve Menorca l Isla del Aire

Marine Reserve Menorca l Isla del Aire

12. April 2019

The Government Council approved in April 2019 the Decree establishing the Marine Reserve of the Isla del Aire (Island of Wind).
With a total area of ​​719.31 hectares, it is the second marine reserve in Menorca and the eleventh in the Balearic Islands.

Marine Reserve Menorca, Isla del Aire @ Salgar Diving

Marine Reserve Menorca l From S´Algar to Biniancolla, around the Isla del Aire

The area of ​​the Marine Reserve Isla del Aire

The Isla del Aire is a small islet, of about 45 hectares, located in the south of Menorca, approximately 1,500 meters of the coast of Punta Prima and in proximity to S´Algar. The Island already has the protection of LIC (Site of Community Interest), ZEPA (Special Protection Area for Birds) and is a BIC (Cultural Interest Property). Now, the Isla del Aire is an area appreciated for the richness of its seabed as well.

The delimitation of the BIC is a rectangular area that includes 15 underwater archaeological sites. A scientific study presented by the Consell de Menorca indicates that the community of fish in the surroundings of the Isla del Aire is quite rich and varied, but that the presence of species of fish vulnerable to fishing is less than the potential.

Special scuba diving zone

The Marine Reserve includes a special scuba diving area (the yellow part) where any type of fishing and the extraction of flora and flora is prohibited. Only the taking of samples for scientific purposes and recreational fishing from land with  a rod is allowed, Nevertheless, an express authorization of the General Directorate of Fisheries and Marine Environment has to be obtained.

Suffice to say, we are very exited and can’t wait to observe the changes in fish population in our dive area.


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