The Dive Centre

Why dive with S'Algar diving in Menorca?

View from the rooftop at Salgar Diving Menorca

S´Algar Diving Menorca

The Dive Centre in Salgar has been established some 30+ years ago, with first activities recorded in 1986. Due to this simple fact, many divers from the UK and local pioneers as well are somewhat emotionally connected to S´Algar Diving. 30 years on, we are still using our main dive boat ¨While You´re Down There¨ even though over the years it has received more than one facelift.

We have seen a few generations of divers growing up and many will come back to Salgar with their offspring to continue the line of scuba divers in their family. We hear: ¨I have done my BSAC course here 30 years ago!¨ on a regular basis and we love to listen to any yesteryear stories and memories of the beginnings of S´Algar Diving.  In fact, if you have fond memories connected to the dive center or Salgar itself, feel free to write a little blog or article about it, and we´ll post it on this website for others to read and reminisce.

If you are planning to visit us for the first time in the near future, here is some basic info about our dive centre in Salgar, Menorca.

The Dive Shop

The shop is equipped with all the bits and pieces a diver might need. Some gift ideas, clothing and of course a wide range of mask and snorkel sets or goggles if you wish to swim some lengths in the swimming pool or bay.


While you are diving with us, you can leave your own equipment in our store room. It will save you having to carry it back and forth. If you need rental equipment from us, we have around 25 sets of equipment, all less than 2 years old.

A changing room, drying area, fresh water tank for your equipment care, toilets and showers are all available for your convenience.

We have 2 classrooms where you can concentrate on your studies during your course.


Right at the waters edge in Salgar Bay. We have a pool available next to the dive centre and the bay is a couple of metres away. It’s only a short walk to the quay where we embark on our boats.
We could not wish for a better location.


We generally dive with 12L steel tanks (stubbies) but we do have 7L 10L, 15L, 18L, single or double valves, DIN or INT. Whatever you need or prefer.

The air in your tank is compressed by a Gardner Denver V34H-AL (Mk2) with a flow average of 622l/min. Oil and Filter changes, as well as regular maintenance, are carried out regularly to ensure clean and dry air.


S´Algar Diving is fully licensed and legal. We have all the necessary permissions and insurances and we comply with Spanish and European laws as well as Health and Safety regulations. All our tanks pass the yearly visual, and a complete test every 3 years, according to Spanish Law.