Snorkelling | Boat Excursion

Snorkelling Boat Excursion

Sun, sea, boat, your captain, your guide and all the equipment supplied – need no more! Great fun for all the family, no age or other restrictions. Even a wheelchair friendly boat – nothing is too much hassle.

A brilliant way to combine a few things at once. Boat trip, sunbathing, swimming, snorkelling, sightseeing from the sea, spending time with friends and family, looking for hidden, sunken treasures, and visiting one or two of the best snorkelling places around S´Algar, accessible only from a boat.

For our 2-hours snorkelling boat-excursions, we usually use our old faithful dive-boat ¨While You´re Down There¨. As you are traveling from S´Algar to any of the snorkelling spots, enjoy the view of our beautiful south-east coastline of Menorca.

2 Hours | Just for you

Where exactly we´ll end up and which snorkelling side we will visit, depends on the weather, wind direction or even your preference – whether you already know a place or two, or whether there is a special place you would like to visit. Some of the areas available to us on our Snorkelling Boat Excursion are the beautiful Cala Rafalet, the turquoise waters in front of Punta Prima, the outskirts of the Bay of Alcaufar or a couple of unusual places around the Isla del Aire.

You will be equipped with a diving mask, snorkel, fins and a wetsuit or a shorty – whichever you prefer. The use of the latter is not compulsory; you can opt to snorkel in your bathers or t-shirt. However, we recommend it. The wetsuit or shorty will keep you warm and protected from the sun. The mask lets you observe underwater life in its natural setting. The fins will help you to move along without much effort, and the snorkel will allow you to breathe as usual, without the need to lift your head out of the water.

Snorkelling appeals to all ages. You should be able to swim, however, there is no need to be a super crack or an Olympic swimmer. The wetsuit or shorty will make you float, and if you wish, snorkelling vests are readily available. As long as you are happy to float on the surface and can move your fins now and then, you´ll be just fine. All of our Snorkelling Boat Excursions are accompanied by one or two snorkelling guides who will be happy to show you a couple of techniques if you wish.

If you are travelling with little ones and would like to have them well looked after while you are enjoying a couple of hours of ¨me time¨, have a look at the services offered by Nanny Menorca.

Choose your equipment

Diving and Snorkelling Equipment is also evolving. The newest version being a snorkelling Full-Face-Mask. If you would like to purchase your own mask and snorkel, please come and see us at the shop, as the mask has to be fitted to your face. Buying a diving/snorkelling mask on the internet or in a shop where you can´t try them on – will be most likely a waste of time and money. A mask is like a pair of shoes. If it doesn’t fit, it will undoubtedly leak and is therefore useless.

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