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Our Boats | S'Algar Diving Menorca

Our Boats:  RIB Borsalino ¨Boris¨ and main dive boat While you´re Down There ¨Zum Zum¨

Our Boats

¨While you´re down there¨…

is the name of our main, purposely built dive boat, lovingly known as ¨Zum Zum¨ to our non-native English Speakers, who find its name a bit of a mouthful. This boat has been known to our customers for over 30 years.

The hard boat was specially built for this purpose and is equipped with 2 engines, GPS, depth sounder, oxygen kit, first aid kit, communications equipment and all the rest that one would expect from a dive boat.

Zum Zum is a very comfortable and easily accessible boat. Spacious deck with plenty of room to move or even dance if you wish, easy low access into the water with a (not so) giant stride and a comfortable long ladder allowing you to come back onto the boat without hassle. With a maximum of 10 divers on board at any one time, this makes for a pleasant experience above and under water.

¨While You’re Down There¨ is accessible to divers with mobility difficulties, with plenty of room for a wheelchair as well.


Our 7,5m RIB ¨Borsalino¨ called Boris, is used for Boat Excursions, Snorkelling Excursions and of course for diving. The powerful Boris will take us to the slightly further away situated dive sites in no time at all. If you like RIB rides, let us know 🙂