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Dive Sites In Menorca

Our Dive Sites are varied and therefore offer something for everybody. Diving in Menorca might be classed as a somewhat culinary experience, as Menorca underwater is a bit of a Swiss Cheese.

Plenty of caverns, caves, tunnels as well as small crevices for all sorts of critters to hide in, can be found on every dive. In and around S´Algar, we have around 20 different dive sites on offer. All within a short boat ride from the centre.

Most of our dive sites are accessible to all levels. The best depth usually being between 10– 25m, therefore beginners and experienced divers alike will find places to explore at any depth.


On your dive, you might frequently see Red Lobsters, Groupers, Breams, Conger Eels, Moray Eels, Barracudas, Rainbow Wrasse, Peacock Wrasse, Scorpionfish, Painted Comber, Lizardfish, Cardinalfish, Amberjack, Sepia, and Octopus – just to name a few.

There is plenty to see. If you take your time and look a little bit closer, you will find a lot of life in the form of Nudibranchs, Crabs, and other Crustaceans.

As a little side-note, it is always advisable to take a torch with you when diving in Menorca. It’s especially relevant as cracks and crannies are everywhere. As a result, without a torch, you might miss out on a lot of little stuff.


If you are more of a wide-angle – take it all in on a bigger scale – kind of diver, you will enjoy the topography under water. Huge rocks randomly placed next to or on top of each other, make for interesting swim-throughs. Elsewhere you will find the contrast of sunlight mesmerizing, as it is finding its way through openings in a wall or cavern. Visibility usually ranges from good to very good to excellent and therefore allows you to see and appreciate the dive site. As well, it is kind of nice when you can see where you are headed. In addition, you will be able to see and communicate with your dive buddy. Hence, you can leave your buddy line at home. Same goes for the reef hook. Strong currents are not something we´ll find very often.

Getting there

The dive sites we frequent on a daily basis and are easily accessible on our boats within 10 – 20 minutes, stretch from the harbour of Mahon to the East up to the Caves in Cap den Font to the West, with the Isla del Aire (the Island of Wind) to the South from S´Algar.

Our main dive boat ¨While you´re down There¨ will take us anywhere within 20 mins max. The only exception being the Caves of Cap den Font, where we tend to take our RIB ¨Boris¨ for a speedy ¨:-)¨ return.

On this page, you will find the description of our popular dive sites. Our two wrecks require a certain level of certification and experience, hence we´ll dedicate an own page to the wreck of Santa Clara and the WW2 Bomber Junkers88.

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