Scuba Diving | Boat Dives for certified divers

Are you a certified diver? Want to go scuba diving? Be very welcome at S’Algar Diving Menorca. Sitting in a very privileged position, about 10 metres from the sea, with direct access to our spacious, comfortable dive boat, turquoise waters with fabulous visibility and some of the best dive guides on the island :-).

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Scuba Diving in Menorca – At S’Algar Diving, we run daily scuba diving trips or fun dives for all those certified divers wanting to explore the turquoise waters surrounding Menorca. As a standard, we run two to four single dives a day, depending on the month of the season. A couple of times a week, we´ll do double dives.  This is where we go out with two cylinders per diver, allowing us to do two consecutive dives without having to return to the dive centre in between.

Diving in Menorca | Think S’Algar Diving

The turnaround for the majority of dives is about 2.5 hours from start to finish. We meet at the centre 30 minutes before the boat’s departure to get ready and equipped. The boat journey takes between 10 to 30 minutes depending on the dive site. Your dive time is 1 hour or 50 bar in your tank, whatever comes first, and then it´s back to the centre.

During this time, your non-diving friends and family can go for a swim or snorkel in the protected bay out front, go for a short walk to Alcaufar (a fisherman’s village some 10 minutes along the coast), visit the Lighthouse, go for a walk to the beautiful Cala Rafalet or just relax with a drink and a book on the sun loungers next to the pool bar. You will be back before they have had the time to miss you.

Scuba Diving in Menorca | S’Algar

Good atmosphere, professionalism and a huge amount of experience between us in the world of scuba diving will assure you’ll have a relaxing and unforgettable diving holiday in Menorca. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned diver, you will find all the help and support necessary to have a truly relaxing time.

If you are staying outside of S’Algar and don’t have your own transport, we are happy to pick you up and take you back to your Hotel or Apartment in the area. We can pick you up free of charge if you are staying in the golden triangle between San Luis, Punta Prima, and Alcaufar.

For dive Clubs, Groups or Families (4+ Persons) we have some interesting packages outside of main season.

How’s my day looking?

Great! You are going diving 🙂

Dive Times / Scheduling of your day

Depending on the month of the season and how busy the day is looking, we might have up to 5 different boat departure times. The turnaround for the majority of dives is about 2.5 hours from start to finish. The morning boat departs at 09:30 and 11:30, and in the afternoon we leave at 14:30 and 16:30. Night dives depart 15 minutes before sundown. The meeting time at the dive centre in Salgar is always at least 30 minutes prior to boat departure, so you have time to fill out the registration form, get your rental equipment if needed and put your gear together.

Boats are leaving on ¨German¨ time, so please make sure you get to the dive centre in plenty of time to prepare yourself hassle free.

How long will I be away from my non-diving travel buddies or family?

Single dives: 
For 09:30 boat departure:
09:00 at the centre, back between 11:00 to 11:30

For 11:30 boat departure:
11:00 at the centre, back between 13:00 to 13:30

For 14:30 boat departure:
14:00 at the centre, back between 16:00 to 16:30

For 16.30 boat departure: usually only in the high season, July and August
16:00 at the centre, back between 18:00 to 18:30

If you opt to do 2 dives in the morning or join our boat that does a double dive (2 tank dives, back to back without coming back to the dive centre between dives) you´ll arrive at 09:00 for 09:30 boat departure, returning around 13:30 to 14:00

What dives can I do?

Diving in Menorca is versatile. We have 20+ dive sites to choose from. All but a couple accessible with one of our dive boats within 10-30 mins cruising time.

Most of our dive sites are suitable for dive novices as well as experienced divers. When you book your space on a boat, you´ll be asked about your dive experience in general, and how long it has been since your last dive. Although it is important for us to know which level of qualification you possess, more interesting is the number of dives or hours underwater you have spent in total and how long ago your last dive was. With this and any other information you would like to give us about your overall diving experience, we´ll choose where best to go, which way we´ll dive a site, or whom you will be best buddied up with should you not have your own diving partner with you.  If you haven’t got a dive-buddy, we´ll make sure to buddy you up with a partner that will suit you, be it a fellow diver or one of our guides on the boat.

All our dives are guided, so if you get lost, you have somebody to blame 🙂

So, Can I do it?

  • You need to hold a scuba diving license/certification from a recognised agency such as PADI, BSAC, CMAS, TDI, ACUC, SSI etc.
  • In Spain, a medical certificate is required for certified divers wishing to dive or for students embarking on any scuba diving course that leads to a certification. You will need to have a letter or certificate endorsed by a doctor saying you are fit to dive. Information and a typical blank form can be downloaded here – Medical Certificate | Good to know

What do I get for my buck?

  • Cylinder (12 litres) and weights
  • Professional Team (Boat Captain, Dive Guide, sometimes a Mermaid)
  • Return boat transfers

What is not included?

  • Anything not mentioned above
  • Dive computer
  • Rental equipment. We can provide you with individual items to full equipment. Please discuss with us your requirements.

What do I need to bring with me?

  • Certification card
  • Logbook
  • The medical certificate or letter from your doctor.
  • Towel, Swimwear, and if you have one of those swim caps with flowers that would be nice.
  • Sweets or an apple for your dive guide