Discover Scuba | Try-Dive

Discover Scuba | Try-Dive

Try it out and don’t be surprised if you love it!

If you are anywhere between the ages of 10 – 99, come and have a go at scuba diving, Discover Scuba | Try-Dive.

Always under the watchful eyes of our Instructors and Divemasters. All you need is an open mind and a couple of hours of your time. We’ll take care of the rest. A Try Dive is a great way to see our fantastic underwater world for the first time and experience this amazing feeling. 8+9-year-olds are welcome to participate in our Bubblemaker Programme.

All in all, this whole experience will take 2 hours. The first hour is taken up by the video, briefing and getting dressed. The second hour is in the water.

Usually around 20 minutes in the pool and 30-40 minutes diving in the sea. You can choose to do your Try Dive in the morning or in the afternoon, depending on both, your plans and ours. Just pop by the centre, call us or drop us a line, and we’ll get organized.

If you are travelling with little ones and would like to have them well looked after while you are enjoying a couple of hours of ¨me time¨, have a look at the services offered by Nanny Menorca.

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