8+9 year olds | PADI Bubblemaker | Scuba diving for little ones

¨Me too, me too, me too! Pleeeeease! I will be good, very good, I promise!¨
If you, as a parent, have heard this more then once, read the following information, to see if your child might be able to do our Bubblemaker Activity 🙂


If your child is 8+ years old and has been asking to try scuba diving ever since seeing David Attenborough´s Blue Planet II or is happily watching National Geographic tv with you anytime something about oceans and its inhabitants screens, or if your NEMO DVD is scratched to pieces because of excess handling, you just might have a little scuba diver in your family.

Never too young to have some fun with scuba gear! If you, as a responsible parent are happy for your young offspring to give scuba diving a go, then this is what we will do.

Experience scuba diving whatever age | PADI Bubblemaker

On arrival at our dive centre in S’Algar, we will have a small amount of paperwork to be completed by the parent or guardian. After meeting the Instructor, your child will be able to see, touch and learn about the scuba diving equipment they will be using. The equipment is made for children – not adults and is therefore small and manageable.

During the briefing, the Instructor will explain what to do and what not to do underwater, before demonstrating on dry land a couple of exercises to be practised later in the pool.

Now, it´s time to get dressed in full scuba gear and walk over to the big swimming pool next to the dive centre. First, we´ll get your little adventurer to breathe through the regulator on the surface, before gradually taking it one step deeper, so their head is just under water.

There we will remain until your Bubblemaker feels comfortable breathing underwater. We slide down to our knees and practice a couple of exercises as demonstrated earlier by the Instructor. And before you know it, they´ll be off!

A little side note

No child is like another and some 8-year-olds are taller or smaller than others. Before embarking on this adventure, we will make sure that we have the equipment to fit your child’s physique. When enquiring about the Bubblemaker programme at the dive centre, please bring your child with you, so we can confirm equipment sizes needed.

How’s the day looking?

The Bubblemaker programme can be conducted at any time during the day, according to your preference and our Instructor availability. Once you have arrived in Menorca, get in touch with us via e-mail, phone call or WhatsApp and we´ll get organised. From start to finish, the Bubblemaker is a 1.5 hrs. activity.

So, Can my child do it?

  • Minimum age is 8 years… or a little bit older.
  • The participant will need to be fit and healthy and able to swim. Please answer YES or NO to any of the questions in this questionnaire and accurately reflect the participant’s past medical history or present medical condition. A YES answer to any of these items requires that a participant obtains written medical approval before being allowed to participate in scuba diving activities.

What do I get for my parent’s money?

  • All equipment hire for the duration of your Bubblemaker Experience
  • Insurance during the course.
  • Professional Team
  • Very possibly a life-changing experience
  • A certificate and sticker!

What is not included?

  • Anything not mentioned above
  • Dive related Christmas presents for the next 25 years

What do I need to bring with me?

  • Your parents
  • Swimwear and if you have one of those swim caps with pretty Mermaids
  • Towel
  • Sweets or an apple for your instructor

OK, so I have done that, what’s next?

There is only one next step after this. Wait until you´re 10! Because then, you will be able to do the DSD Try Dive 🙂

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