Try-Dives | Discover Scuba Diving | Menorca

PADI Discover Scuba Diving DSD with S'Algar Diving in Menorca

The bay just in front of S´Algar Diving is perfect for Try Dives, Refresher sessions and courses.

Try Dive on your mind? When you start thinking about wanting to give Scuba Diving a go, no matter where in the world you would like to embark on this – very possibly life-changing activity – you come across the words Try Dive and/or Discover Scuba Diving (DSD).

Try Dive | Discover Scuba Diving (DSD)

You will ask what the difference is. The answer will be different from dive centre to dive centre. Depending on their location, transport possibilities, dive sites available and accessible to them etc. Some go from a beach, some take you to a sheltered bay with a minivan, some will contain the activity to the swimming pool. Others are located inland or in a harbour and will use a boat to get to a suitable site.

However, just because you are going out on a boat to do your try dive, it does not mean that you end up in a better location. Or, that your overall experience will be better just because you enter the water from a boat, rather than from shore.

At Salgar Diving, we are very fortunate, as we (very possibly) have the best Dive Centre location in Menorca. We have everything on our doorstep: Swimming Pool, Bay, Quay and the Boats.

There is a great divesite in our bay directly in front of the dive centre. We don’t need to take the boat to a dive site that is attractive and safe at the same time. In the bay, you´ll find all sorts of flora and fauna. A great shallow reef with a sandy patch in the middle is perfect for your first dive. Often used by our certified divers for a fundive, as this shore dive offers an alternative to our boat dives.

Furthermore, Salgar Bay is protected from any boat traffic and the fish know it :-). Often, we can see schools of baby fish roaming the bay, as it seems that this protected area is used by fish parents as a kindergarten.

Try Dive | Diving in Menorca | Yes, you can!

So, when you come to Salgar Diving Menorca to try out scuba diving, the first step will be what we call our TRY DIVE. It takes 2 hours, starting with a short 20 min. video, followed by a briefing by your instructor or divemaster. You´ll get dressed in full scuba diving gear and step first into the pool to get the feel of being able to breathe underwater. You can ¨play¨ and get confident with your equipment.

Once you are happy and got your sea-legs, off you go for your dive in the bay, right next to the pool. The first hour of your Try Dive is taken up by the theory and preparation such as the video, briefing and getting dressed. The second hour is in the water. Usually 15-20 mins in the pool and about 30 – 40 mins diving with the “fishies” in the sea.

After successfully completing your first dive, we´ll register you on the PADI database. This way, if you would like to continue with scuba diving anywhere else in the world, other PADI dive centres and instructors will be able to see when and where you have completed your DSD-Try Dive.

DSD | Follow up with a boat dive – just like a certified diver

Once you have completed the Try Dive, you can follow up as many times as you like, with our DSD-Boat Dive. You will be diving just like the certified divers, same boat, same dive site! You will have your own instructor or divemaster by your side, and your maximum depth will be limited to 12m.

To be able to do our DSD Boat Dive in Salgar, you will have to have completed our own Try Dive, or something very similar at another dive centre within the last 12 month. You will have to provide proof, such as a certificate or a DSD registration on PADI´s database that confirms your participation in a recent Try Dive Activity. Should you have neither, maybe you can contact the dive centre where you did your try dive, and ask them to send us an email confirming that.

Now, you may ask; Why can’t I do the DSD-Boat Dive to start with? Why do I have to do the Try Dive first?

As far as Try Dives go, our DSD Boat Dive Excursion is the more advanced version and a follow up to your Bay Dive. You have already been diving with us, and we know what you can do 🙂

If you are considering to buy a Try Dive as a present, email us and we´ll send you a voucher.