Access Code PADI eLearning | Advanced Open Water Diver

Enjoy and relax with a PADI eLearning Advanced Open Water Diver Course. By using the PADI eLearning system you can be assured of excellent teaching at a self-paced level plus saving those valuable hours whilst on holiday with the family or friends.

I want to break free! Let’s stop using paper manuals and use modern online learning, self-paced and interactive | PADI eLearning Advanced Open Water Diver Course.

If you have ended up on this page by mistake, or if you would prefer to do the theory during your course in Menorca, reading your manual, come back to this version of the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course conducted entirely @Salgar Diving

Get the advantage | PADI eLearning Advanced Open Water Diver

As you might know, there are 5 dives in the AOW plus some learning/reading required for each of your chosen dives for this course.

The reading/learning required for this course is not as involved or lengthy as you might remember from your Open Water Diver Course. However, you still have to read the chapters corresponding to your 5 chosen dives and complete the 5 knowledge reviews. If you would like to complete the theory sections prior to coming out to Menorca get your eLearning access code and start learning whenever it suits you.

The next step is to decide if you would prefer the eLearning Online or the Download Offline Touch Version. The price is the same. Just let us know which option will suit you best, and we´ll email you the access code to get you started straight away. Finish your online studies and if you need help you can contact us directly through the eLearning Centre or email us anytime. We will see your progress online and we will know when you have finished your final exam. Even so, print out your final exam eRecord as a backup, in case we lose internet connection when its least convenient. Then rock up in S’Algar Menorca and do your 5 dives with one of our Instructors to finish your course.

What is the benefit of doing the Advanced Course Theory online?

  • You´ll get access to some of the coolest online scuba diving training material available.
  • You´ll save yourself some time on holidays
  • When lounging around the pool, you can read ¨50 Shades of Grey¨ instead of the Manual

How much will it cost to finish my course?

The cost for the practical part of your Advanced Open Water Diver Course is €300,00

OK, so I have done that what’s next?

Get in touch with us, so we can schedule you in for your 5 dives to complete your course.