Bay Refresher | Personalised Shore Dive with private Instructor

Sometimes on arriving at your destination, you feel a little green. I don’t mean sick, but you wished you had dived more regularly. Well, with the Bay Refresher we can help you tune up those basic skills and get you back in the water for an afternoon or morning dive.

There might be many reasons for you to prefer, your first dive in a while, to be accompanied by our Instructor or Divemaster, with a shore entry into the bay just in front of the dive centre. You might be a little bit rusty, have not dived for a while, or would like to try out new equipment. You might not like boats.

Never been known to be a bad idea, to refresh your memory and skills on all things ¨diving¨, after a while out of the water. Our Pool Refresher and Bay Dive Refresher are mainly practical in nature, but if you would like to brush up on your theory knowledge more in-depth and detail as well as receive a new certification card with your ReActivate date, get started anytime you like with the ReActivate eLearning option. 

Enjoy getting back in with a Bay Refresher | S’Algar Diving

On arrival at our dive centre in Salgar, while filling out the registration form, tell us about your diving history and let us know if there is anything specific you would like to try out or discuss. During the briefing with your Instructor or Divemaster, you can revise the hand signals, different techniques to clear your mask, regulator, and ears, or get familiar again with the handling of your inflator to help your buoyancy.

Your Instructor or Divemaster will be by your side while you are preparing your equipment, should you have any questions. Once assembled, after the briefing, you´ll get dressed, don equipment and into the pool, you go.

Tune-up those skills with a Bay Refresher | S’Algar Diving

You will go through a couple of exercises, to get familiar with your equipment, such as clearing your mask and regulator and getting into a fin-pivot to check your buoyancy. Good time too, to establish how many kgs of weights you will need later in the bay. After a few rounds in the pool, or whenever you are ready, we´ll get out the pool and straight into the sea for your dive.

How’s the day looking?

The Bay-Refresher takes 1.5 hrs and can be conducted at any time during the day, depending on your preference and our Instructor availability.

So, Can I do it?

Anybody certified (Junior) Scuba Diver or above is welcome to book this accompanied Bay-Dive-Refresher.

What do I get for my buck?

  • A piece of mind.
  • Personalised attention, concentrating on you.
  • Then, when you go diving after the bay-refresher, you get to enjoy your boat dive from the beginning, without having to adjust to everything during your dive.

What is not included?

  • Anything not mentioned above
  • Dive Computer

What do I need to bring with me?

OK, so I have done that, what’s next?

Diving, Diving, Diving. And in between diving, if you are on holidays with non-diving travel companions, you might want to take your family or friends on a Snorkelling Tour or a Boat excursion.