One very special Team Member | Lima

Lima on boat watch | S'Algar Diving Menorca

Lima was born one fine day in September 2015. Little did we know, but it would soon be very clear, that our canine Team member at S´Algar Diving has a special quality, she steals hearts. Even some staunch ¨no big dog lovers¨ admitted having fallen for her.

Lima´s Attributes

To start with, as a little puppy, she was a handful and very energetic. She loves running on grass. The closest stretch of grass being opposite the dive centre, which means crossing a road. You might guess the rest. We are forever looking out for her, making sure Lima does not end up under a passing car. But then, seeing her with her ears flopping, getting up some serious speed, even looking like she is smiling… Now, we just dedicate one of our (mostly) willing staff members to accompany Lima for a little walk. She loves to chase and fetch, so if you happen to be passing the dive centre, feel free to bring a ball with you.

Lima is a fine seaman too. Loves coming on the boat and making sure all the divers come back safe and sound. While the divers are doing what they are doing best, Lima is looking out to sea, waiting for their return. I am sure she can count – at least to 12 – as she does not relax until everybody is back on board.

Lima loves swimming too. Don’t be surprised to see her swimming around in the bay in Salgar, or even when surfacing from your dive.

Lima is very friendly to all and everybody. Dogs, cats, children, seagulls – nothing but love for all. Which makes her rather popular with many, to the point where we will be charging one Euro for every photo taken with or of Lima. That will make for a fine end of season dinner for all our staff 🙂

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